Savvy Seniors

imageWe have started a series of videos called Savvy Seniors to address topics of interest to our senior community.  Click on the video name or image below to watch.  If you have questions or comments regarding our videos, please contact us at or use our contact page.

Seniors and Prescription Medications

The abuse of prescription medication is a serious issue.  This Savvy Seniors video discusses some ways to keep you and your loved ones safe regarding your prescription medications.  Closed captions may be shown in this video by using the cc button on the control bar once the video opens.  The links shared in the video are also provided below for your convenience.  Our thanks to Prevention Consultants for providing much of the source material.

Prescription drug drop box map
Prevention Consultants local resources
Deterra bag detailed video instructions
Elder Fraud - Awareness and Prevention

This webinar, presented on April 30, 2022, focused on the top frauds and scams affecting seniors, practical steps seniors can take to avoid these frauds and scams, and legal protections seniors may want to consider.  Here are some tips that were offered after the webinar.
  • Bad guys will sometimes read the obituaries to see who has suffered loss, knowing that creates vulnerability.  They may note family members, nicknames, and other details.  They may correlate this with family information they can easily find on social media sites.  This serves as background information to help them formulate a romance or other scam.  As Mel Myears suggested in the webinar, stay connected with the good and trusted people in your life to help and protect you through those difficult times.

  • Consider coming up with a family code word.  If someone needs to verify the identify of someone as a family member, you can always ask them for the code word.  A stranger, for example a malicious actor attempting a grandparent scam, would not know the code word.  Even if you don't have a code word, you might ask the perpetrator for a code word, as they won't know you don't have a code word.  Any code word they offer would give you your answer.